Massages from President

Company’s philosophy

We, Koei Protec Co., Ltd., are always trying to contribute to the society.

Basic principle

Koei Protec Co., Ltd., is always concerning as most important get customers reliable. So we are aiming that our clients are satisfied with our works.

Massages from President

I, Masanori MITA(Mr.) succeed Mr. Masaharu MICHISHITA with effect from May 2010. Mr.Masaharu MICHISHITA is Chairman.
I worked at insurance company, then, I have been working in this industry for 20 years. Both of industries have the common points to get customers trust is most important. We owe the prosperity of this business to Mr. MICHISHITA’s trust. But I also try to make bigger trust to our company. We would like to be indispensable, and would like to make happier with our clients and business partners.