Finish like Piano (Clear Polishing Finish)

(solid color, metallic color, pear color, silk print, gold foil(砂子), mother-of-pear)

this finish like Piano is aiming to lacquered handicrafts and high grade painting like piano on the metals.
By the clear painting works on the surface is carried out a few times, the transparency of film will be improved. The basic painting will be becoming more elegancy and luxurious appearance by the relative-specular glossiness.

Access to “Achievements”(in Japanese)

Available “Base materials”

Steel, Aluminum & Stainless steel

Surface finishes on each material

Hairline (Stainless steel)

Explanation of finish

This kind of finish is that an inner side of pear shell etc is glued onto the material. Thereafter the painting and polishing works of lacquer is continuously carried out until flat with base material.
This finish is called “Finish like Piano”. “Finish like Piano” has a related-specular gloss and transparence. This type of finish will be providing the handicrafts and the high grade designed music instruments like grand piano, gutter and etc.
This finish is not the lacquered natural raw materials as a wooden product. The transparent synthetic resin is painted on the elevator’s door’s, entrance columns and each decorated panels. This finish is painting the enamel solid color, metallic color and pear color on the metal products, and the pattern is designed by the silk print, Mother-of-pear, tin and etc painted on the material with first treated which is stated there-in-before.
this treatment is creating more related-specular gloss and high-class.

If you have any query on the “Clear including the fifnish like piano & color clear”, please access to Q&A.

Notes and others
  • Our treatment on the surface is provided based on after formed, therefore, the bending, shearing and making holes process shall be done before surface treatment in order to avoid peeling the color clear coating.
  • The products size will be 1,500mm(W)×5,500mm(L). And the weight is max. 100kg. If it is more than the above size or weigh, please freely contact us.
  • Our treatment works are provided in our factory, so we do not accept the treatment works at factory
  • The touch up works will be carried out using the color clear of which is similar color.
  • Please don’t use the benzine, thinner, scotch and etc for the maintenance on the surface because the cause of discoloring. Please carry out the periodic cleaning by soaking a soft cloth with neutral detergent, thereafter it wipes the wet surface with dry cloth.
  • In order to avoid peeling off the patina, please don’t use the gummed tape or masking tape on the finish.
  • Please contact us for the gold foil(砂子) and mother-of-pear, silk print.