Real patina finish

This treatment which is natural patina on the copper alloy is excellent traditional handicrafts. This treatment feels like natural patina appeared in short period by the special technology. Two color tones, blue and black, are available. Please contact us regarding any pattern if you have any problems.

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Available “Base materials”

Brass , Red brass & Copper

Surface finishes on each material

#4 finish, Hairline finish

Explanation of finish

The copper roof and copper drain spout & eaves trough installed on newly built temples will be exposed to wind and rain in long time, and the black pock marked corrosion in light color are appeared. Thereafter that corrosion will change from dark brown color to black brown color. Lastly the refined natural patina is created. This real patina finish is reproduced in short period in our factory and it is creating the atmosphere of natural patina.
This is one kind of coloring method for the copper and copper alloys and it is chemical coloring method. This is accelerating the corrosion by the patina accelerant. The each piece on finish is having the originality because our specialist is worked each product by the hand.
The troubles called the bubbles and rust on the back side of material do not appear on the product because of dry method which the accelerant is applied by roller and brush. Please refer to the following column regarding the product size.
The color tone has been divided two colors which are blue and black. Please contact us on the pattern because the pattern is able to apply on various kinds of products. The color tone becomes in steady condition, thereafter the clear coating for protection is applied.
The clear coat is basically lacquer resin series. The cupric sulfate oxidized by chemical is accelerated to the cupric chloride etc by aged deterioration. The film will be hard if it becomes basic salt. The clear coat is pre-protection until the natural patina is created under the film. The luster is basically matt.

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Notes and others
  • Our treatment on the surface is provided based on after formed, therefore, the bending, shearing and making holes process shall be done before the treatment in order to avoid peeling the sulfide film and clear coating.
  • The products size will be 1,500mm(W)×5,500mm(L). And the weight is max. 100kg. If it is more than the above size or weigh, please freely contact us.
  • The color of copper alloy change as time passes. Please understand this color change as time passed which is same as wood.
  • Our treatment works are provided in our factory, so we do not accept the treatment works at factory
  • The copper alloys like brass is a certain amount of color difference from yellow to red color. The certain amount of the color difference will appear in case the sulfide fumigating treatment is provided.
  • The touch up work is required using the similar color of which is metallic painting having sulfide tone. Please contact us if it is necessary.
  • Please don’t use the benzine, thinner, scotch and etc for the maintenance on the surface because the cause of discoloring. Please carry out the periodic cleaning by soaking a soft cloth with neutral detergent, thereafter it wipes the wet surface with dry cloth.
  • In order to avoid peeling off the patina, please don’t use the gummed tape or masking tape on the finish.