Patina color finish

(Film coating + Patina’s powder coating & Pattern print + Clear coating)

“Patina color finish” is similarly reproducing the feel of natural patina on the steel, aluminum and stainless steel. Our company who was full knowledge of the actual patina is provides the special coating products.

Access to “Achievements”(in Japanese)

Available “Base materials”

Steel (For interior only), Aluminum & Stainless steel

Surface finishes on each material

Hairline finish (Stainless steel)

Explanation of finish

“Patina color finish” is interior to natural patina which the copper alloy is showing after many years later. We provided the many selections on the color tones by the special coatings and paintings. By using patina powder we can highlight original texture(patterns). The clear coating is showing the matt finish by using a urethane series or lacquer resin series. The basic color tone is composed with blue and black colors which is same as patina.

If you have any query on the “Sulfide fumigation (color)”, please access to Q&A.

Notes and others
  • Our treatment on the surface is provided based on after formed, therefore, the bending, shearing and making holes process shall be done before the treatment in order to avoid peeling the sulfide film and clear coating.
  • The products size will be 1,500mm(W)×5,500mm(L). And the weight is max. 100kg. If it is more than the above size or weigh, please freely contact us.
  • Our treatment works are provided in our factory, so we do not accept the treatment works at job site.
  • The touch up works will be carried out using the patina color of which is similar color.
  • Please don’t use the benzine, thinner, scotch and etc for the maintenance on the surface because the cause of discoloring. Please carry out the periodic cleaning by soaking a soft cloth with neutral detergent, thereafter it wipes the wet surface with dry cloth.
  • In order to avoid peeling off the clear coating, please don’t use the gummed tape.