Sulfide fumigation finish (Old copprt)

The copper alloy will be normally corroded as time passed and the rusting color will be the dark brawn in color. This treatment used this corrosion as natural design. Three color tones which are light color, intermediate color and dark color are available.

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Available “Base materials”

Brass, Red brass, Copper and other copper alloy

Surface finishes on each material

Hairline finish, Hairline + etching finish, Vibration (non-directional hairline) Mirror finish is not acceptable.

Explanation of finish

This is one kind of coloring method for the copper alloys (Red brass, Brass, Copper & others). This treatment is that the sulfide coloring agent is directly applied onto the material and the thin oxide film is formed on it, then the color appeared. The coloring on products with the attachments & brackets for reinforcement made by steel and stainless steel is available because of dry method. The coloring on products without water releasing hole is also available. We make the high value added product and supply it because the specialist is worked on each product by the hand.
It is called GB (: German Black) color finish, but this method is wet method. The product supplied by the client is dipping into the special chemical liquid and the black color will be obtained. Thereafter the color is adjusted by the brushing on its surface. This method is normally called “Copper bronze plating”.
This color obtained by this method is provided to the door handles and attachments for key. (Please note that our company does not employ this GB finish.)
The color tones are basically divided three tones of which are light color, intermediate color and dark color. We suggest more delicate color tones which are lighter than light color, color between inter mediate and light color, color between intermediate color and dark color and more darker than dark color.
The clear coating is provided after the sulfide fumigating treatment. The clear coating is using the urethane series. The polishing is basically full gloss, but we meet you desire for half gloss, 30 percent gloss (70 percent matt) and etc.

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Notes and others
  • Our treatment on the surface is provided based on after formed, therefore, the bending, shearing and making holes process shall be done before the treatment in order to avoid peeling the sulfide film and clear coating.
  • The products size will be 1,500mm(W)×5,500mm(L). And the weight is max. 100kg. If it is more than the above size or weigh, please freely contact us.
  • The color of copper alloy change as time passes. Please understand this color change as time passed which is same as wood.
  • Our treatment works are provided in our factory, so we do not accept the treatment works at job site.
  • The copper alloys like brass is a certain amount of color difference from yellow to red color. The certain amount of the color difference will appear in case the sulfide fumigating treatment is provided.
  • The touch up work is required using the similar color of which is metallic painting having sulfide tone. Please contact us if it is necessary.
  • Please don’t use the benzine, thinner, scotch and etc for the maintenance on the surface because the cause of discoloring. Please carry out the periodic cleaning by soaking a soft cloth with neutral detergent, thereafter it wipes the wet surface with dry cloth.
  • In order to avoid peeling off the clear coating, please don’t use the gummed tape or masking tape on the finish.