Production system

Main factory Industrial area346㎡ Building area280㎡

Subject to treatments

Surface treatment and painting on the formed metal products (Steel, Stainless steel, Aluminum, Brass, Bronze, Copper & etc). We are basically doing the treatment works on the formed products supplied by the clients.

Content of treatments

Sulfide fumigation finish
Patina finish
Sulfide fumigation color (Painting like sulfide)
Patina color finish (Panting like patina)
Color clear finish
Red corrosion finish
Red corrode color finish
Painting like piano (Clear polish)
Pattern painting
Ceramic series painting
Painting like grantie
Powder coating
Normal baked painting

Subject to treated products

Front sash, Curtain wall, Transom and Eaves for the buildings
Shutter rail, Door handle and other metal products for the buildings
Door, Handrail, Cover(オオイ), Vestibule diaphragm, Interior panel and Ceiling for the train cabins
Door, Entrance column, Car interior panel and Faceplate for the elevators
Balustrade, Relied, Casted newel post for the civil constructions
Metal parts for the semi-conductor’s production machine and metal parts for facility
High-quality brand shops, Interior in high grade hotels and all of exterior products
Base for solar generator equipments, Fire fighting equipments and Auto-gate doors
Out line of facilities in the factory
Maximum workable size 5800㎜(width) x 2100㎜(high) x 2300㎜(depth)
Painting booth Dry dust collector (non-pomp type) 1
Drying oven Batch oven of bot wind circulation system
Maximum 200℃ / LP gas system
Proportion ON / OFF control

Control in the oven 6-point temperature recorder
Paingting facility Air hand gun, Electric powder hand gun
Other Compressor with air dryer
Air cleaner(Transformer)
Gas leak detector
Feature of facilities
Painting booth The painting chamber is facing to the batch type drying furnace, and the working space between them is divided by the exit door. Therefore the painting works are carried out without dust come from out side, and thereafter the painted product is abel to be forward to the furnace.
Dry furnace the long length products will be able to do because the furnace length is nearly 6,000mm. The furnace floor is keeping full flatness by 6mm thick mild steel and it is easily clean in the furnace. Therefore the dust will be not easy to stick on the painting surface. And the trouble of over baking or low baking in the furnace is protected by the burner OFF system and emergency buzzer which are controlled by the dry timer after temperature rose.

Second factory Industrial area 1021㎡ building area526㎡

Subject to treatments

Surface treatment and painting on the formed metal products (Mild steel, Stainless steel, aluminum, Brass, Bronze, Copper & etc). We are basically doing the treatment works on the formed products supplied by the clients.

Content of treatments

Baking painting with static electric on Fluorine, Urethane, Melamine, Acrylic resin and etc.
Air spray painting
Powder painting

Subject to treaed products

Door, Below cover, and Handrail for the train cabins
Door, entrance column, Car panel and Ceiling for the elevators
Decoration panel for the boiler related
Decoration panel for the precra(プリクラ) related
Auto -gate door
Out line of the facilities for production line
Maximum workable size 1300㎜(width) x 2700㎜(high) x 500㎜(depth)
Conveyer facilities Free curve : 105m
Speed : 0.9m/min.
Automatic painting booth(Compensation) Water curtain type of Push pull(プッシュプル)
(Dust collector of wet method)
Setting room 13.7m
Dry furnace Hot air circulating angular furnace 27m
Maximum 200℃/LP gas system
Proportion and ON/OFF control
Control in oven 6-point temperature recorder
Desorbing facility Lifter 1.5tons 2
Automatic painter Reciprocator H3,000mm
Electric air gun
Electric atomizing gun(Micro bell(マイクロベル))
Two colors changer
X-Y sensor (50-optical axis)
Gas leak detector, Compressor with air dryer
Feature of facilities
Auto-line painting booth The big sized products will be able to do because the working space is 1,3000mm(length)x2,700mm(wide). And the facility is keeping very little dust stuck because it is employed the wet type booth with flush curtain which is high efficiency of dust collector. The lighting in booth is maximum 700 lx, and the quality check will be easily and smoothly carried out.
Auto-line painter We can deal up with max. 2,700mm length because the reciprocator with 3,000mm(H) stroke is employed. The painting process will be carried out smoothly even though short / long length of products by the control system for reciprocator. The auto-gun is employed two static electric guns and two static electric dewdrop guns. In the result, the very good painting film skin can get and the film thickness will be able to get evenly by the film thickness control system.
We can deal with on acrylic and melamine resins as well as urethane and fluorine resins. We can deal with on the clear and metallic finish, too.
Dry angular furnace in auto-line the angular dry furnace is completely shut the air. The actual temperature difference is designed in maximum ±5℃. The fixed temperature is keeping in the furnace by the burner with proportion and ON / OFF control. The uniformity baking circumstance can be obtained by this system. The painting products in good quality can be provided without low or high banking. The6-point temperature recorder is fixed for the actual temperature measurement in the furnace.

Painting facility of batch type in second factory (Third booth)
Maximum workable size 3500㎜(width)x1500㎜(high)x500㎜(depth)
Maximum weight 200kg
Manual conveyer Free curve10m
Painting booth Warm system with dust collector booth 2
Dry furnace Batch oven of hot wind circulation system
Maximum200℃/LP gas system
Control in oven 6-point temperature recorder
Others Compressor with air dryer
Air cleaner (Transformer)
Gas leak detector
Feature of Painting Facility
The products of working dimension is 1.5m(width)x3.5m(high) and out of production line. And the weight is less 200kg. The facility is able to paint those above products in hanging.

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